What’s more important, what someone has to say or what they’re wearing? The answer should be what they have to say, but in our world, sometimes people only pay attention to how people look and don’t even hear what they’re saying.

Ginger Zee is a meteorologist. Perhaps you’ve seen her on Good Morning America. Unfortunately, some people aren’t listening to her. Instead, they’re only looking at her.

Back in October 2020, Zee called out the haters by posted a picture of herself on Instagram that she knew would get people’s attention. In the picture, she’s wearing a form fitting dress, sitting on a step and looking up at the camera. She intentionally made the photo all about the way she looks. She wrote, “Photos of my body, hair and legs get so many more comments than my important climate stories so HERE — here’s a photo I know will get the attention.”


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Zee wasn’t simply giving the people a picture to gawk at. She was making a point. She wrote, “NOW, PLEASE KEEP READING: I appreciate all the interaction but I really want you all to HEAR what I’m saying too.” She told her followers, “DON’T comment on this photo— go click on and WATCH my next post. Learn. Then comment there.”

Zee’s next post, a video, was a hard-hitting piece about Biscayne Bay in south Florida and how toxins are polluting the bay. That’s what she wants people to focus on – what she has to say not how she dresses.

Two years later, people are still criticizing Zee for the way she looks. For example, one person tweeted, “Gingerzee dresses and poses like a retired stripper turned street walker.”

Instead of ignoring the tweet, Zee tweeted a picture of herself at work asking, “Now, in this storyline you’ve invented, when was my turn to streetwalker? And how did I get into the GMA studios?” She added, “If this is what a stripper turned prostitute wears… I’m out of the loop.”

Zee’s followers replied to her tweet encouraging her to ignore the haters.

Zee isn’t letting any negative comments get her down. She claims she finds them amusing.