There have been a few famous figures who have had quite the exciting and successful year, but it’s hard for any of them to beat the one that the newest Duchess just experienced.

That’s right, Meghan Markle — or the Duchess of Sussex, if you’re fancy — is officially a part of the most famous royal family on the planet, which means she is now getting to live just like her husband has for his entire life.

If you know anything about the Duchess’ personal history, then you are well aware that her new reality is quite the incredible feat. You see, Meghan grew up in a typical Los Angeles household before becoming a notable television actress. Like many American families, hers has experienced its fair share of fracturing, with divorce and infighting made public by her rising profile.

Sadly, some folks have given her a hard time for her domestic issues, but those critics are quickly silenced when they are reminded that the Royal Family has MORE than enough scandal to go around, from cheating to incest, to serious family discords–just to name a few.

If you know anything — and we mean anything — about royal history, then you know that the Markle’s problems are quite standard compared to what Prince Harry’s family has faced.

Having said that, most royals have seemed to have gotten a better hold of their public images as of late, which means that Meghan’s family drama that preceded the wedding was so loud that it almost overshadowed the ceremony.

Luckily for everyone involved, though, the big day went off without a hitch; the bride wore a beautiful gown, the Prince looked so in love, and even the Queen herself seemed pleased with the proceedings.

Fast-forward to now. It’s been an entire month since Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan said their “I dos” with the whole world watching. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the former TV star is a complete natural in her new role as a royal.

You see, over the past 30 days, the Duchess has had to attend some of the most important royal ceremonies in recent memory, including the Prince of Wales’ (aka her new father-in-laws’) 70th birthday party, as well as this year’s Trooping the Colour.

For anyone who is not a royal aficionado, Trooping the Colour is an annual ceremony that has been practiced for hundreds of years in the U.K. It’s meant to act as a display for the British and Commonwealth armies. Upon the military show of arms, members of the Royal Famly make a public appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, a tradition that the Duchess took part in this year. Sounds amazing— and nerve-racking!

Though we’ve never had ambitions to be part of the Royal Family, we’d be lying if we said that we wouldn’t LOVE to stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and wave down to all of those commoners. That Meghan is one lucky gal!

To learn more about Duchess Meghan’s first month in the Royal Family and to see footage of her hard at work greeting her many fans, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your take on Meghan’s first month as a Duchess! Do you think she makes a good member of the Royal Family? Do you think it’s a hard job to do?