You Can Now Buy a Replica of Meghan Markle’s Wedding Reception Gown for Just $45

Great news for all of you Duchess Meghan style-lovers of the world: a discount fashion retailer is now selling a $45 replica of the sexy, yet demure number she wore to her legendary wedding reception. It’s big news, considering the original design is pretty hard to get your hands on these days!

The retailer of this iconic replica is Fashion Nova, a brand that is probably all over your Instagram feed right not–whether you’re aware of it or not. According to the product description, The Royal Debut Dress (they didn’t even try to hide the fact that this garment is a knock-off!), is “available in off-white,” and comes “sleeveless,” “stretchy,” and “fully-lined.”

As a big plus, the polyester number is made in the USA. Always a positive–even if the dress is famously British!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dress is practically flying off the shelves. It comes in a variety of sizes, from XS to 3X, but because the $44.99 dupe is so popular, it’s currently unavailable in sizes 1X and 3X.

Judging by the pictures, the Royal Debut Dress is a dead-ringer for the Duchess’ stunning reception gown, one that served as a much sexier, more sophisticated alternative to her prim cold-shoulder gown that, fun fact, Katy Perry did NOT like.

But, we digress…let’s talk about the Duchess’ original reception gown that inspired the low-cost Fashion Nova knock-off. The gown was designed by legendary designer and fellow Brit, Stella McCartney. Apparently, it was made from silk and was designed specifically for the Duchess’ very big day.

What’s most incredible about the dress–besides the fact that it’s one of the classiest reception dresses we’ve ever seen!–is the fact that McCartney herself decided to make replicas on her own. Back in June, Harper’s Bazaar reported that the designer would be making a very limited number of the designs, 23 in white and 23 in black.

Predictably, the price tag on the gowns, named the “Made with Love Edit” was sky-high, retailing for £3,500, or around $4,600 a pop. 

Apparently, McCartney has a real soft spot for the dress and for the newest member of the Royal Family. In an interview with the BBC, the designer reflected on the Duchess choosing her to design the now-iconic gown. “It was very much her dress and I felt very proud she came to me for that part of the wedding,” McCartney said. “She got to reflect her in it…I think it was the last moment that she could reflect sort of the other side to her and her, you know, the joy and the human within her.”

To see more views of the reception gown as well as the Fashion Nova dupe, be sure to watch the video below. You’ll also get an idea of exactly how much cash the Duchess dropped on the original garment. Spoiler alert: it’s more than most people make in a year. Must be nice being a duchess. Guess we’ll just have to settle for Fashion Nova!

We’d love to hear your take on this Duchess Meghan reception dress dupe. Do you think the replica looks similar to the original? Do you plan on purchasing it? What is your favorite Meghan Markle fashion moment?