9 Ways Harry and Meghan Honored Princess Diana at Their Wedding

Well ladies and gents, the long awaited royal wedding has come and gone. We’re a little sad it’s over, but so happy that everything went off without a hitch. It was such a gloriously wonderful day in England, and we couldn’t be happier about the marriage of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

The wedding itself was so lovely—besides things like flowers, décor, and just royal radiance, Meghan looked dazzled in her gown and Prince Harry looked dapper as anything. There were so many happy tears shed.

And maybe even a few sad ones too. The fact of the matter is, Prince Harry wasn’t able to have his late mother, Diana, the Princess of Wales, there with them, as she died in a tragic car accident nearly 21 years ago. However, we know it was on his mind—and Meghan’s too. That’s why they chose to bring her spirit to life during several wedding-related events on their big day.

The ways Harry and Meghan honored Princess Diana at the wedding certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Check out these sweet moments that paid Diana a tribute on May 19:

  1. The flowers

    Harry and Meghan weren’t sure what type of flowers they wanted right away, but they knew what color they wanted them to be: White. Princess Diana was known to love white flowers, so much so that she even has a garden named after her filled with white roses. In particular, she loved white roses, which the couple used to adorn the ceremony space, and her absolute favorite was the forget-me-not, which Meghan used in her bouquet.

  2. The vows

    If you can remember watching Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, you might remember how she refused to promise to “obey.” Meghan Markle, who’s known for her passion of fighting for women’s rights, paid tribute to Diana by also not using that kind of language in her vows. Kate Middleton did the same during her 2011 wedding.

  3. The music

    During their wedding ceremony, Megan and Harry chose to play a hymn titled “Guide me, O thy great redeemer,” which played during Diana’s funeral two decades ago. Harry was about 12 years old during the funeral, and so clearly remembers the moment it sung. He was getting choked up as it played at the wedding.

  4. The special reading

    One of Princess Diana’s sisters, Lady Jane Fellowes, which is Prince Harry’s aunt, gave a bief reading during the ceremony in honor of representing her family, including her late sister.

  5. The guests

    Princess Diana’s other two siblings were also in attendance at the royal wedding—Diana’s older brother, Charles Spencer, who owns the family estate where Diana was buried, as well as her second sister and lady-in-waiting, Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

  6. The veil

    You couldn’t miss that long, beautiful veil that Meghan wore—but besides being beautiful, she chose it because of its length: monarch-length, which gets its name Princess Diana’s epically long train and veil that she wore during her 1981 wedding.

  7. The donations

    In lieu of gifts, Harry and Meghan asked for donations instead—but not just to anywhere. They asked for specific donations to charities that were well known for being near and dear to Princess Diana’s heart, such as the Children’s HIV Association and Crisis.

  8. The ring

    Meghan’s wedding ring contains two diamonds from Diana’s collection that Harry had specifically chosen when he proposed to honor his mother. More symbolism: Those two diamonds from Diana surround a larger center stone that was sourced from Botswana, which is the country where Harry and Meghan fell in love.

  9. The photographs

    If you missed it, the first official wedding photos were released by Kensington Palace just two days after the wedding. There’s one photo where Meghan is sitting on the floor and Harry is on a green couch—the same couch in which Diana sat on in a photograph holding Harry when he was just a baby at his christening in 1984.

How sweet are these ways the Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid homage to Princess Diana on their wedding day? Did you catch on to any of these as you were watching the royal wedding?