Meghan Markle and her husband, the man formerly known as Prince Harry, who now wants to go by just Harry, made a big announcement earlier this year when they decided to leave their roles as senior members of the royal family. A huge part of this decision is thought to be due to how Meghan has been treated by the British press.

It seems that according to many articles, no matter what Meghan does, it’s wrong. We can’t blame the couple for wanting to move to Canada.

Recently, Meghan and Harry performed their final duties as senior royals, and travel journalist Victoria Mather appeared on MSNBC to report about it. Why she was chosen to discuss this final royal appearance is unknown, but if fans of royals and Meghan have anything to do with it, it will be Mather’s last appearance as well.

MSNBC anchor Lindsey Reiser was visibly shocked when Mather referred to Meghan as “5 clicks up from trailer trash.” She quickly ended the segment in a professional but swift way.

Watch this shocking segment from MSNBC below.

Earlier in the segment, Mather stated that Meghan gave Kate Middleton a knife for Christmas, which is why, before Reiser ended the segment with Mather, she pointed out that the statement about the knife had not been confirmed as fact by MSNBC.

On Twitter, there are many comments calling for Mather to never appear on MSNBC again, and some people are expressing disappointment that Reiser didn’t correct Mather’s horrible comments about Meghan.

Among other comments earlier in the segment, Mather said the following about Harry and Kate Middleton:

Don’t forget Prince Harry is — you know, has always been the spare to the heir. So I don’t think Meghan Markle wanted to spend the rest of her life looking at Kate Middleton’s back as she sat in the second row to the future queen.”

Some people admit that Mather is not the only one who feels this way about Meghan, but they believe she is in the minority and wish she wasn’t given a voice.

What consequences do you think Mather should face for her comments about Meghan?