It sounds like a fairytale for an ordinary girl to grow up and marry the handsome prince. You could say this was true when Kate Middleton married Prince William. You could also say this was true when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry.

Neither Kate nor Meghan was born into any royal family; they are royals by marriage. Why then is it that the British press has been treating Kate and Meghan so differently?

Since we don’t live in the U.K., we don’t see all the latest British press headlines; however, after Meghan and Harry announced that they would be leaving behind their roles as “senior royals,” we had to wonder why.

Perhaps Meghan is homesick and wants to spend more time in the United States. Perhaps she wants to return to acting. Perhaps Harry is ready for a change since he basically has no chance of ever becoming king anyway.

Perhaps they’re both sick and tired of the press being as unwelcoming as possible to Meghan. Journalists have done some digging and discovered that there seems to be a definite bias against the Duchess of Sussex. 

It’s really easy to see this bias when you compare articles side-by-side. You don’t even need to read the articles; just look at the headlines. When Kate does something, she’s wonderful. When Meghan does the exact some thing or something very similar, she’s made a horrible mistake.

Many of the headlines seem to imply that Meghan knows nothing about British royalty, doesn’t deserve to be a royal and is being very disrespectful of the Queen.

We can only imagine how hard it must be for the royal family to read these headlines, and we can’t help but think the British press may have played a role in the Meghan and Harry wanting to change things.

On the new Sussex Royal website, there is detailed information about how the Duke and Duchess have revised their approach to media coverage. Traditionally, members of the royal family give “UK print and broadcast media exclusive inside access to the official engagements of members of the Royal Family.” Meghan and Harry are turning their backs on this tradition. After reading the headlines below, we think you’ll understand why.

  1. Baby Bump

    babybumpDaily Mail

    When Kate cradles her bump, it’s sweet. When Meghan cradles her bump, it’s a serious problem.

  2. Wedding Flowers


    Kate’s flowers are stunning but apparently Meghan’s are deadly.

  3. Scenting the Abbey

    fragranceDaily Mail

    It’s okay for Kate to want the Abbey to smell like citrus, but Meghan is out of line for suggesting the Abbey smell any way other than it ordinarily does.

  4. Christening without the Queen

    christeningDaily Mail

    It makes sense for Kate to have Prince Louise christened when the Queen isn’t there, but it’s a big problem when Meghan has Archie christened when the Queen can’t attend.

  5. Avocado


    It’d be wonderful if avocado would help Kate with her morning sickness, but Meghan is a horrible person for eating avocado.

  6. Protecting Their Brand

    brandDaily Mail

    It’s smart for Kate and Prince William to set up their own company, but for Meghan and Prince Harry, that was a pretty underhanded thing to do.

  7. Hats


    It’s okay for Kate not to wear a hat; let’s focus on the rest of her outfit. Meghan was so disrespectful not to wear a hat.