Regulars who eat at McDonald’s all have their favorites, with fries ranking in the top three. But some of their other menu items also have a loyal fan base, including some of their signature desserts.

This season, McDonald’s is continuing to lift its diehard customers’ spirits by bringing back another fan favorite. Just like the McRib’s return, the Holiday Pie is calling for attention and growling bellies. Here’s a description of the sweet snack from the company’s website:

“Creamy smooth vanilla custard nestled in a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with rainbow sprinkles.”

Who doesn’t like custard pies? No one I know has been able to verify this, but that buttery crust is said to taste like shortbread cookies. Cookies! The festive sprinkles are just the right finishing touch to make grownups feel like kids again. You can curb your munchies for about $.89. That’s it!

They’re small like the classic apple pies, so eating one shouldn’t make you feel guilty at all. Because they are hot commodities on the menu right now, your best bet is to order as many as you can before Santa pulls a tarp over his sleigh this year. It’s up to you if you want to load up on these all in one day or spread your craving out.

Last year, these pies made their debut for a limited time, in limited cities. No word on whether geography will play a role again this year, but we do know that when they run out this season, that’s it. According to McDonald’s Facebook page, customers can ask their local franchise if or how long the Holiday Pies will be available. If they’re not on the menu, ask!

If it seems like all is lost, don’t be sad, the restaurant is slinging some other holiday treats to please your palate. Also being served are the Peppermint Mocha (hot or cold), Pumpkin Pie, hot chocolate, and if you live in the UK, the Reindeer McFlurry.

Inventive Mickey D’s fans are even coming up with their own dessert “hacks” that involve mixing and mashing two desserts together. So, if you get your hands on one of these treasure-filled pies, top it off with some ice cream or one of their fruit options.

Should you miss out on the excitement of the Holiday Pie, you can always stick to the tried-and-true Baked Apple Pie (no longer fried, sorry) or the Strawberry Crème Pie if you want to go gourmet.

The worldwide holiday reign of sweets started around Halloween and won’t be slowing down until New Year’s, so loosen up your belt and feel free to give in to your sweet tooth. As far as these Holiday Pies go, remember to catch a taste while you can, otherwise you’ll be carrying your disappointment into 2019.

Have you tried the McDonald’s Holiday Pie before? Will you go on a hunt for it in your area? What’s your favorite Mickey D’s dessert?