Woman Designs Masks That Are Custom Printed With Your Own Face

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks have become just another piece of clothing we have to put on our bodies before we leave the house. And that means more and more we might be looking for ones that are unique and stand out from every other one.

You know, maybe you’re into these creative Golden Girls face masks, where you can literally don your favorite olden gal pals over your mouth, or these adorable Disney face masks perfect for your kids to wear

However, what happens when you have a work meeting and can’t be as creative with your face masks? What happens when you’re trying not to scare your three-year-old neighbor with an N-95 taking up half your face? There are lots of reasons a unique mask simply just won’t do.

Introducing the face mask that looks just like…well, your own face! That’s right, thanks to a designer named Danielle Baskin, you can wear a mask that really looks like you’re not wearing a mask at all because it blends right into your nose and mouth.

Don’t believe us? Let the photos speak for themselves! Truly incredible.

The reason behind these masks was to help others with facial recognition. For example, when it became mandatory to wear a mask, people were unable to use facial recognition on their smartphones.

That’s what gave her the idea to make masks that look just like your own face. Since she began, she’s updated her line to include these new be custom-ordered masks that can be made with any image you want—yes, including your own face, matching it to a T.

Besides just helping people unlock their devices, these masks also help others better recognize people during this pandemic.

“We’re a service that prints images onto protective face masks,” Baskin says. “Whether it’s a replication of your own face or your favorite meme, we care about the details. Our masks are sure to make people around you do double-takes and have a brighter day.”

These still offer the ability to be fun with it as well. For example, if you don’t want to match your own face, match your mom’s, your brother’s, your cousin’s, your grandpa’s, or your child’s. That’s bound to have strangers do a double take!

The process of ordering your own facial recognition mask is simple. Just upload a photo of yourself, edit your digital proof, and boom! Your face will be printed on the mask and sent to your home.

Check out Baskin’s line of clever facial recognition masks here.

What do you think of these masks that look just like you? Do you think you’ll be ordering one?