Martha Stewart Reveals Why She Adds Vodka to the Water When She Boils Lobsters

Martha Stewart seems to know how to do pretty much everything. She’s the ultimate homemaker and has made a very successful career out of sharing her tips for everything from cooking to decorating.

Back in 2018, Stewart went on Facebook Live with actress Jennifer Garner to share some delicious summer recipes. While most of the almost 45 minute long live video went as you would expect, there was one odd hack Stewart shared that has gotten a lot of attention.

Around 21 minutes into the episode, Stewart told Garner and Facebook viewers that she adds vodka to the water when she’s boiling lobsters alive. Garner didn’t understand the reasoning behind this, so she simply asked, “Why?”

Stewart’s answer didn’t seem to have anything to do with the actual cooking process. She casually responded, “If you were going to be boiled alive, wouldn’t you want to have a drink first?” Then she said, “I’m humane” before proceeding to laugh at what she must have considered a joke.

PETA definitely does not consider Stewart’s boiling method “humane.” In response, PETA tweeted about the live video writing, “Martha Stewart thinks adding vodka to the pot makes it okay to boil lobsters ALIVE. Why don’t you try it yourself, @MarthaStewart? No compassionate person would boil an animal alive.”

Some Twitter users agree with PETA.

Other people called PETA out for not being humane by suggesting that Stewart be boiled alive.

Watch Stewart’s Facebook Live video below and skip to about 21 minutes in to hear her vodka advice.

This isn’t the first time Stewart has admitted to using vodka while cooking. During an episode of “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” Stewart said that she feeds chickens vodka before she cuts their heads off.

Do you think it’s wrong to boil lobsters alive? Do you think PETA overreacted? What do you think of Stewart’s suggestion to feed animals vodka before killing them?