Ideally, getting married is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The idea is that you find your one and only, legally bind yourself to them, and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, for many of us, that isn’t always the case. According to 2018 data, 2.9 people get divorced per every 1,000 people. Some people may even get divorced twice, or three times.

Well, it’s time to meet Casey, a 56-year-old woman who recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. Casey has a lot to offer a man—she’s quirky, fun, and full of life, even for being in her 50s.

But here’s the thing: Casey has been married a total of 10 times in her life. That’s right—she has endured 10 different marriages to 10 different people. On the show, chatted about her past relationships, divorces, and all the trials and tribulations in between.

Before you assume the worst, Casey assures viewers that each and every person she’s ever married, she has definitely been in love with. She’s never married for money or for any other reason than she genuinely loved the person.

However, somewhere along the way, something just doesn’t work out with each of them. Whether it was cheating (she admits she’s cheated on some of her ex-husbands, but only after she had been cheated on!) or simply not being able to take it anymore, every single marriage has ended one way or another.

Her longest marriage lasted an entire eight years, with her shortest being only six months. In her entire life, she says she’s lived in over 70 houses as a result of always having to move after one relationship ended and another began.

So how is she doing now being married to hubby number 10? Unfortunately, not too great. Casey admits that she still isn’t happy in her current relationship and is starting to think about ending that one as well.

Never fear, Casey will not give up on her dream of finding true love. “I don’t care how many marriages it takes,” she said. “I will keep trying until I find the one that can love me.”

Man oh man—we hope hubby #11 brings this woman some happiness! To see her appearance on Dr. Phil where she discusses her past relationships, check out the video below.

Do you know anyone who has been married this many times before? If you could give Casey one piece of advice, what would it be?