After showing their baby, Archie, to the world this week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have charmed the world with their new parent glow. Their appearance got people talking, and moms around the globe are loving Meghan’s postpartum look.

When she stepped out on Wednesday to introduce their son, she wore a white dress with a belt that was tied above her waist. If you’re familiar with how a woman’s body looks right after giving birth, then you probably recognized the totally normal slight puffiness in Meghan’s face and her post-birth belly.

She is being praised for not disguising her baby bod and allowing herself to experience the natural process of recovering physically from childbirth. In reality, you still look pregnant after having the baby, and it takes weeks and months to “snap back.”

Women and moms on social media commented that she looks beautiful and “love that she showed her bump off.” Others thanked her for looking normal a few days after birth.

For the royal family, photo ops are expected immediately after giving birth so the world can see the baby, and there can be pressure to look glammed up after birthing a human being. Like Kate Middleton, Meghan’s looks are scrutinized, but women applaud their natural postpartum look as being empowering.

Social media users are saying Meghan is a great example of body positivity for pregnant women:

While some fans feel empathy for both duchesses for having to put on makeup, a dress, and heels to do a “publicity walk,” others feel that they are representing for women’s post-pregnancy bodies and also serve as symbols of bucking celebrity beauty standards.

Since she is probably on her official maternity leave for the next few weeks, we’re not sure when Meghan will make her next appearance but let’s hope she gets to rest and recover!

Can you relate to Meghan post-birth body? Are you glad she didn’t hide her postpartum bump?