Hours after giving birth, Kate Middleton has stood outside of St. Mary’s Hospital to pose for photos with her babies. And each and every time, she steps out looking fab. How?

She has a team, y’all. In addition to having a great medical team, she’s also got a stylist on speed-dial to jazz her up before making her baby debuts and a hairdresser for her blowout. Flawless hair and makeup coupled with a lovely designer dress are all a part of the duchess’s post-baby glow.

Keep in mind all this takes place in one day. Her most recent appearance in April with newborn Prince Louis has even inspired other women to share their hilarious post-birth photos on social media, complete with a photographer on deck (usually another family member).

Some are smiling, some are barely awake, but they are very real! Compared to the royal radiance you see with Kate Middleton, we’d say these women aren’t too far behind – if not tied with – her level of glamorous. After scrolling through these few, feel free to share your own first post-birth pics.

  1. The Famished Glow

    Here’s one mom 7 hours after delivering, ready to multitask while eating her scrumptious hospital meal.

  2. Ready For Her Closeup

    This mama looks like most of us after going through hours of labor, the delivery, and first few feedings.

  3. Twinning

    So, Duchess Kate isn’t the only one who can pull off this look. Same stylist, maybe?

Though these posts have been made in good jest, many ladies were left wondering how Kate is coping with so much pressure to look perfect. Does she like doing these pictures hours after delivering a human? Would she rather be lounging in her bed with some tea and biscuits?

Some women even expressed empathy for the duchess, saying they feel sorry for her. There are people who camp outside the hospital for hours just to catch a glimpse of the royal family and their new arrival. The news, the paparazzi, and legions of fans snapping away expect much.

Going through labor and birth is no cakewalk, and even the “gentlest” of births is exhausting. The amount of stress the body goes through to bring a tiny person into the world is no easy feat. And the body needs rest!

One thing is for sure, if any more members of the royal family have babies, their baby debut pics will look close to perfection. But we know that like most moms, they are probably tired, a little sore, and in love with their little ones.

And underneath the designer dresses, they are probably wearing the standard after-birth gear and have the standard body stuff going on too. You know what that entails, fellow mamas! Shout out to Kate Middleton for always putting on her best face.

Do you have any pictures that could go side-by-side with Kate Middleton’s? What do you think of this crop of post-birth photos? Are you a fan of her having a birthing glam squad?