When a woman finds out that she’s pregnant, there can be a lot of different emotions. Perhaps joy is the first emotion, or perhaps even fear. Especially if a woman is trying to start a family and if she has suffered from a miscarriage in the past, she may be concerned about the possibility of having another miscarriage.

It’s often recommended that pregnant women wait until the 2nd trimester before announcing the news to the world. Sure, she should tell the father, and it’s ok to tell any close friends or family members; however, you wouldn’t want to share your joy with the world only to have to tell them later if a miscarriage does occur.

Back in 2008, singer Mariah Carey was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. At the time, there were rumors circulating about Mariah. Some people speculated that she was pregnant, but Mariah insisted that she wasn’t.

Ellen came up with a creative way of getting Mariah to admit whether or not she was pregnant. She didn’t ask her. Instead, she offered her a glass of champagne. Pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink alcohol, so basically, if Mariah drank the champagne, she would be proving once and for all that she was not pregnant. If she didn’t drink the champagne, she would be admitting that she actually was expecting a baby.

Mariah did not enjoy being put on the spot like that. She made up multiple excuses to try to avoid drinking the champagne while still insisting that she wasn’t pregnant. Ellen didn’t let up.

Watch the video below to see clips from this episode of Ellen’s show and to hear more about why Mariah Carey did not enjoy being put on the spot.

Many people seem to think that Ellen went too far and shouldn’t have forced Mariah Carey to drink champagne on her show. One comment reads, “This is so triggering. Miscarriage is so devastating. Why would Ellen even do that? Plus, Imagine if a guest was battling addiction and she shoving champagne in their face for answers… 🙁not cool.”

Another viewer commented, “To make someone toast to ‘not being pregnant’ when someone is either pregnant or trying or having experienced a miscarriage is actually evil…”

Calling Ellen “evil” seems to be going too far, but she was definitely pushy. One person commented, “The moment she said ‘we won’t discuss that’ she should’ve backed off.”

Do you think Ellen went too far? What would you do if someone offered you champagne when you were pregnant but not ready to tell anyone yet?