11 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

Whether your home is a studio apartment or a mansion, we bet you wouldn’t mind if it looked just a wee-bit more expensive. Who wouldn’t?!

For this reason, we scoured the internet for the absolute best, boldest, and simplest DIY home improvement hacks around, and boy, did we find some good ones! Here are 11 ways you can pretty up your house, no matter your budget. For full tutorials, be sure to follow the links below.

  1. “Elevate” your floors

    Did you know that you can easily install a layer of “faux baseboard” to rooms that have existing crown molding? This simple DIY adds the illusion of height and dimension to any room. How elegant!

  2. Pretty up your tiles

    You wouldn’t believe it, but the same thing that you paint on shabby-chic-inspired antiques is also the material that can completely re-vamp your discolored or dated tile. Spoiler Alert: it’s Chalk Paint!

  3. Harness light and banish ugly views

    If your favorite light-filled room comes complete with an unfortunate view, this DIY lace window treatment is the hack for you!

  4. Ditch those bulky coffee tables

    What’s the secret to creating more space in your living room? Placing your drinks and lamps BEHIND the couch, of course.

  5. Add some zest to your doors

    Just because your home came with plain, boring doors doesn’t mean you have to replace them! Add bold paint, chic hardware, and wood trim for easy, cheap upgrades that can be completed in just an afternoon.

  6. Re-think your paint application

    Just because you’re not a pro painter doesn’t mean you can’t make your walls look like a million bucks! You may need to invest in a couple of sponges, but the results will be well worth it.

  7. Adorn your walls with leather belts

    That got your attention, didn’t it? It’s true—each and every one of these wall embellishments was created using old leather belts and repurposed wood. Talk about unique accents!

  8. Swap out your dated blinds for elegant curtains

    As far as cheap home improvement projects go, it doesn’t get much easier than this. What we love about this project is that it doesn’t damage the existing vertical blind bases, which means it’s both renter-friendly and completely reversible. Score!

  9. Give your grout a makeover

    If your home is looking drab, but you have absolutely no extra cash to spend on a renovation, it’s time that you start focusing on the small details—like your tile, for instance. You can restore it to bright-white with just a coat of ordinary candle wax. Who would’ve thought?!

  10. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint

    Chalk Paint sure is having quite the moment right now. As we mentioned, it looks great on floors, but did you know it also provides brilliantly opaque matte finishes for cupboards, too. This look is so “in” right now!

  11. Stick on a “backsplash”

    Renters: listen up; we’ve got yet another awesome hack for you! Signing a lease doesn’t mean you have to put up with boring white tile. Instead, stick on some completely removable—and gorgeous! —peel-and-stick tiles. Your landlord will never be the wiser.

Just because your budget is tight—or you’re just plain thrifty—doesn’t mean you have to settle for “basic” home style! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list. Have you completed any of these DIYs before? If so, do you have any advice? What’s your all-time favorite cheap home renovation project?