Woman Shares Key Things To Keep an Eye Out For In A Hotel Room To Make Sure It’s Safe

While we canceled travel plans last year due to the pandemic, this year, travel is on our minds once again. When you’re traveling, unless you’re lucky enough to stay with family or friends, you’re probably going to be staying in a hotel.

There are a wide range of hotels from budget motels to luxurious resorts and even Airbnbs where you can have an entire house to yourself. No matter what type of hotel you decide to stay in for work or fun, it is important to make sure your hotel room is safe.

TikToker Allie Lovegood created a video where she shared important hotel safety tips, and this advice works well no matter what type of hotel you’re staying in. From making sure the mirror isn’t a two-way mirror to ensuring that nobody can unlock your door at night and checking for hidden cameras, Lovegood’s tips are essential for anyone who stays in a hotel.

Watch the video below to see Lovegood’s tips and to hear her explain why these safety tips are important.

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Many people who have viewed Lovegood’s video have responded thanking her for the advice. One comment reads, “1. Thank you. 2. Glad I’m not the only one who does this. 3. We need more of this.”

Other viewers shared a few tips of their own. One viewer wrote, “also remember to take off the comforter bc they don’t wash it.”

Another viewer shared, “You can also buy a small portable travel alarm to put on the back of the door at night that goes off if opened. I used to travel alone for work.”

Besides the tips shared in her video, Lovegood told Bored Panda that her most important safety tip no matter where you are is paying attention to your surroundings. She explained, “Paying attention to other people’s behavior and mannerisms has allowed me to stay safe and leave quickly if I feel something is off.”

Are you going to try Lovegood’s safety tips the next time you stay in a hotel? Do you have any other hotel safety tips not already mentioned?