Just 11 Amazing Tweets About Traveling by Airplane

With the COVID-19 pandemic still going, many of us probably haven’t been traveling on airplanes as much as we used to. So we have an idea: Let’s reminisce on just how “great” (and yes, we’re saying “great” in quotes for a reason) being on an airplane can be so that we have something to look forward to when this is all over.

Okay, so we’re actually not missing all too much. Sure, we’d love to be traveling to a tropical paradise, but getting there can be kind of rough. And these tweets will remind you why. Even if you don’t plan to fly for a while, if nothing else, these are guaranteed to make you laugh!

  1. You Always Feel Someone Looking at You

  2. Like, For Real, Everyone’s Always Watching

  3. Your Lunch May Never Come

  4. You Can Really Get Inside Others’ Heads

    Or at least, silently judge people?

  5. You May Share a Flight With Very Specific People

  6. Or a Group of Very Loud Friends

  7. Your Co-Passengers May Have Interesting Taste In Technology

  8. You May Sit Next to a Pessimistic Person

  9. Or a Very Smelly Sally

  10. Or the Scary Snake Lady

  11. Food Freedom is Forbidden


What’s something you absolutely don’t miss about being on a plane?