When a couple gets married, they saw vows like, “in sickness and in health, till death do we part,” but not every couple really sticks to those vows. Many marriages end in divorce.

However, there are couples that are able to make their marriages stand the test of time. Ever wonder what their secret is? We can learn a lot from Ralph and Dorothy Kohler’s example.

Ralph and Dorothy Kohler have been married for 86 years. Take a minute to wrap your mind around that. Many people don’t even live to the age of 86 let alone stay married for that many years.

The couple got married on September 16, 1935 in the state of Nebraska. Ralph was 18 and Dorthy was 17. Their marriage has certainly stood the test of time. The Kohlers are currently the longest-living married couple in America.

Besides living a long life, what is the secret to such a long-lasting marriage? According to Ralph, the secret is “togetherness.” The couple has done a lot of activities together throughout the years. For example, they would go ballroom dancing and bowling.

The couple didn’t start out loving all of the same hobbies. Compromise played into it a lot. For example, Dorothy liked ballroom dancing, so they went ballroom dancing. Ralph liked trap shooting, so they also went trap shooting.

Ralph also explained that the couple hardly ever argued. He explained that there would be “a sharp word once in awhile, but it didn’t last.”

An 86 year wedding anniversary is certainly something to celebrate. The couple currently lives in California near one of their daughters, and the whole community is celebrating this couple’s long-lasting marriage. They have received numerous cards and gifts.

Watch the video below for more details about this long-lasting marriage including Ralph’s thoughts on if they’ll make it to a 100 year anniversary.

Do you find Ralph and Dorothy’s story inspiring? Does it surprise you that a couple that got married so young would be able to make their marriage last for decades?