Whatever hair color you were born with, chances are, it will eventually change over time. When we get older, our bodies change. We notice fine lines on our face, hair in places it didn’t exist before, and the hair on our head changes as well.

While many men and some women deal with hair thinning and loss as they get older, another way our hair changes is that it turns gray or white. This silvery hair is often dyed to hide it. Some people don’t want to face the fact that their hair is losing the color it had when they were younger. They might think that gray hair will make them look older.

You don’t have to very old for your hair to turn gray. Some people notice gray hairs as young adults. They may immediately turn to hair dye, and dying your hair can be a hard habit to break.

Now, many women are not only embracing their gray hair, but they are also ignoring old-fashioned and out-dated rules about how to style their hair. Gone are the days of gray hair equalling a short hair style. These women are proving that there’s nothing “witchy” about long gray hair. It can in fact be quite gorgeous.

Scroll down to see 18 different examples of gorgeous long hair styles that just so happen to also feature gray hair.

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