We don’t know about you, but whenever we encounter someone going strong into their 80s, 90s, and, even, 100s, we end up bombarding the poor senior with a long list of uninterrupted questions, from queries about what life was like when they were growing up to common sense matters regarding relationships, money, education, and so much more.

That said, the most important question that, we feel, every person who has lived a long life should be asked, goes a little something like this: What’s your secret?

We know, we know, it might not be the most original of conversational requests, but it’s one that is pointed enough to evoke some pretty interesting answers.

Take the case of Jessie Gallan, for example. This late, great Scottish woman ended up gracing this earth until she was 109-years-old, making her one of the long-living people in the history of Scotland.

Although she passed away several years back, in March of 2015, her words still live on in the hearts and minds of folks all over the world. This is possible due to the very memorable interviews that she participated in, the year before her death. Believe it or not, this supercentenarian (only people nearing the age of 110 earn that illustrious title!), actually ended up going viral, following the publishing of some pretty hilarious life advice.

In a 2014 interview with The Scotsman, Jessie revealed that one of the reasons why she had made it to her ripe old age was because she “[stayed] away from men.” According to her, men are “just more trouble than they’re worth.”

Now, before all of you budding supercentenarians start re-thinking your marriages, Jessie also revealed that her daily habit of eating porridge also probably helped her live such a long life, too. While we agree that bad relationships can take years off of a person’s life, remaining a lone wolf is too tall an order for many of us. But, porridge–porridge we can do!

Highlights from Jessie Gallan’s long life

The late Jessie Gallan was born all the way back in 1906, in the small farming community of Kintore, Scotland where her family of eight all bunked up in a tiny, two-room cottage. According to her, the Gallans experienced financial issues throughout her early life, nonetheless, it was a childhood full of joy.

In terms of career, Gallan left school early, deciding to try her hand as a waitress and a maid; she worked in the service industry for much of her life. When she reached her golden years, she moved into the Crosby House, a retirement home that specializes in the care of ill or single seniors. There, Gallan was the resident social butterfly, participating in activities and always socializing with her best friend, Sarah Jane.

What a simple, lovely existence Jessie Gallan lived! To learn more about this supercentenarian, be sure to watch her interview for yourself below.

We’d love to hear your take on Jessie Gallan’s long life. Are you surprised by her life advice? Do you know any supercentenarians? If so, what advice do they dole out?