The Oldest Woman In The World’s Secret To Longevity Just Might Be Bacon

On June 17, Susannah Mushatt Jones became the oldest person in the world. The 115-year-old, born on July 6, 1899 and known as “Tee” to her friends, is one of two people in the world born in the 1800’s. She credits her longevity to a loving family, good genes, and another, rather more unexpected, source: bacon! According to Food and Wine, the supercentenarian begins each day with four strips of the addicting meat, as she has for over a century.

Of course, Ms. Jones did a lot more to ensure her health. Food and Wine elaborates:

Outside of her bacon habit, the rest of her diet seems more in line with what you’d expect. Every breakfast also includes a glass of water and cranberry juice, as well as a multivitamin. For the rest of the day, Judge says Jones’s diet largely consists of fruits. She’s never had alcohol and never smoked. “She didn’t party,” as her caretaker explained it. She even eschewed coffee throughout her life.

The lesson here seems to be one we all learn and relearn over and over: everything in moderation, and keep your vices few, far between, and carefully chosen. We should all strive to be more like the fabulous, long-living Ms. Jones. Want to learn more about her and be inspired? Check out this interview with her from Business Insider, made back when she was “only” the second-oldest person in the world. Here’s hoping she holds the title of oldest for many more years to come.