If you don’t lie to your kid from time to time, well, then, you’re lying. Fibbing about small things is kind of a necessity when you’re a parent. Here are some parents admitting their lies, which they may not be proud of, but are actually some great hacks into parenthood. Keep these in your back pocket for when you need ‘em!

  1. Rename Vegetables

  2. Seatbelts Make the Car Run

  3. Offer “Cold Toast”

  4. The Toothfairy Cares About Cleanliness

  5. What the Ice Cream Jingle Really Means

  6. Find the Toy They’ll Never Find

  7. Everyone Naps

  8. Memories Are Visible

  9. Play “Put Daddy to Bed”

  10. Hearing Doesn’t Work at Night

  11. Diapers Are No Longer an Option

  12. Who Actually Ate Your Candy

  13. What Daylight Savings Time Really Means

  14. Food Only For Adults

  15. Repeat Offenders


What’s the best lie that you told your kids that benefited you?