The laundry room can be one of the worst places for clutter in your entire home. More often than not, this space becomes a home for things that have no home – i.e., the dog’s food, the cleaning supplies, maybe even some boxes you still haven’t unpacked from moving in! In reality, the laundry room is a high-traffic area and is most useful to homeowners when it’s clean and organized. Well, Nicole and Jonathan of Orlando, Florida, are experiencing this exact problem. They have a small but beautiful laundry room, but without some organizational features, this tiny space quickly becomes messy, nonfunctional, and unattractive. The IKEA Home Tour team are here to save the day with some stylish storage solutions for this couple! Watch the video below to see the amazing makeover of their laundry room.

Before IKEA was introduced to the laundry room, it already had a lot of hidden potential. The couple had only one wire shelf in the room, which acted as storage for a whole lot of random cleaning supplies. There was no space to fold clothes, which Nicole and Jon specifically desired, and only one tiny rack to dry any garments that couldn’t go in the dryer.

Not only that, but their adorable dog also shared the space with her food and bed, so their ideal space would have all those storage and laundry-friendly features, while also accommodating their pooch.

The IKEA Home Tour team completely knocked it out of the park! They have created a dream laundry room for anyone who craves functional organization…meaning this is MY dream laundry room!

IKEA laundry room makeover results.

For storage, the team put in an adjustable three-shelf unit, on which they added spacious bins and stylish baskets to hold any random tidbits that get resigned to the laundry room. Above the washer and dryer, there are now two large cabinets, perfect for housing any and all cleaning products that were once jammed onto that small wire shelf.

IKEA also including a larger, more effective drying rack as well as a Norberg wall-mounted drop-leaf table – this may be my favorite part. This table is mounted to the wall and folds out, so that the couple has a spacious place to fold laundry that doesn’t take up excess room! The team hung an adorable little ironing board on the wall next to the fold-out table and also added some shelves above to store laundry baskets.

In addition to all this, Nicole and Jon also have a little wall blackboard, perfect for writing out “To Do” lists, a new bed for their pup, and a shelf to hold all their dog’s food and treats.

Needless to say, the couple was thrilled with the end result! IKEA truly went above and beyond to makeover this tiny laundry room space.

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