Brilliant & Simple Ideas to Save Space in the Laundry Room

If your laundry room is cramped, unorganized or just needs to be beautified, there’s no need for expensive renovations! These simple DIY ideas are inexpensive and sure to make you fall in love with your laundry room.

1. Utilize Closet Space

Laundry 5

This laundry area creatively uses a closet to save space by stacking your washer and dryer.

2.   Garage Laundry Area

This refurbished garage makes for a perfect, rustic area to actually enjoy doing your laundry!

3. Bring on the Baskets

The use of baskets not only makes this laundry area more space efficient, but the baskets are just plain adorable.


4. Chalk it Up

Chalkboard paint makes organizing a very stylish breeze.


5. Use Drawers

No need for extra shelves, stick some drawers in between your washer and dryer and you’ve got instant extra space.


6. For Extra Smalls

Slim toilet area? No problem! Put some floating shelves above your toilet for extra storage and to jazz up your tiny area.


7. Sliding Shelves

This project takes a little extra work, but for extra easy storage, install some sliding drawers under your sink.


8. Slanted Storage

The slanted wire baskets above the laundry area make for easy, convenient storage.


9. Mason Jars

We all know mason jars can do anything. Attach a few to a palette board on your wall for amazingly rustic storage.


10. It’s Magnetic

Always losing your bobby pins? Scrounge the ground no more. This magnetic strip attached to the wall helps to keep all your little essentials in order.


Which of these crafty DIY laundry room makeovers will you try first? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.