People on TikTok Are In Awe of Mom’s Laundry Chute In Her Single Level Home

When trying to keep our home clean, one thing that can be very inconvenient is transporting dirty clothes from all over the house to the laundry room. There are dirty clothes in the bathroom and in the bedrooms. Sometimes our kids even leave their dirty socks and hoodies in random places around the house. Collecting all of this laundry and then lugging it to the laundry room is far from our idea of cool or fun.

What if there were a cool and fun way to transport laundry to the laundry room? It turns out there is. It’s not a new rolling laundry cart or a trick to convince everyone in your family to pick up their own laundry. No, this novel invention is so unique everyone in your home would most likely want to use it over and over again, at least until the novelty wears off.

TikTok user Delaney Rose decided to show off a unique feature in her home. She starts the video in her bathroom where a dirty piece of clothing is on the floor. She picks it up and waves her hand in front of a small door on the wall. The door opens, and she puts the piece of clothing inside. Immediately, the clothing is sucked away, as if it has been caught up by a vacuum.

Then, Delaney leaves the bathroom and walks through her home while explaining, “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool.” She gives a few examples of features in a home that people might think are cool before revealing the feature in her home that everyone admires. She ends the video standing in her laundry room where the piece of clothing she picked up off the floor in the bathroom drops into a basket on top of her washer and dryer. This really is a pretty cool feature. Watch the video below to see how it works for yourself.

@officialdelaneyroseThe company is called Laundry Jet 🙌🏻 ##housetour ##laundryhack ##laundrychute ##houseoftiktok ##realestate ##favoritefeatures♬ original sound – farles

Delaney mentioned on TikTok that the laundry chute in her home was installed by the home’s previous owners, so she did not get to decide where the chutes were located. In her single story home, the previous owners decided to install the chutes in all of the home’s bathrooms.

The name of the company that makes the laundry chute in Delaney’s home is called Laundry Jet. According to the company’s website, they designed their laundry chute specifically with single story homes in mind since a typical laundry chute that used gravity does not work in single story homes.

Laundry Jet does not use gravity to function. It’s more like suction. The chutes can be installed in any size home or building, and they can be located wherever the home owners would like to have them located. Advanced DIYers can even learn how to install the laundry cute themselves.

Some people on TikTok seemed concerned about what might get stuck in the laundry chute, for example, a bulky item of clothing like a pair of jeans or a toy a child decides to set inside the chute. According to Laundry Jet, it’s a good idea to install the chutes at least 48″ off the ground to prevent children from misusing them, but even if a child does put a toy in the laundry chute, it most likely will not get stuck. “The system is designed so that in the case that a toy or other item is stuck into the port it must always pass through a hard 90 degree turn to enter the system. Dense items do not have enough surface area to pass through the system and will simply remain at the entrance to the port. All other items that pass through the initial port and will simply move through the system and will be delivered to the laundry room.”

Do you think your family would use Laundry Jet if it were installed in your home? Does your family leave clothing on the floor?