Kim Kardashian is definitely used to living life with the public watching. While she is an Influencer, she is not known as an actress or performer.

Recently, Kim hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the very first time. Nobody really knew what to expect from her monologue, but she proved that she knows how to own a stage, that she understands timing when it comes to delivering a joke, and she isn’t afraid to roast her family. Nobody was off limits, not even herself.

Kim started her monologue by commenting that she is even surprised that she’s hosting the show. She said, “I know, I’m surprised to see me here too. When they asked me, I was like, ‘Why?'” Then she went on to call out her infamous movie. She added, “I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time. Actually, I only had that one movie and nobody even told me it was premiering.”

Then Kim transitioned to making comments about her mom, her sisters, her step-dad, her mom’s current boyfriend, and her ex-husband, Kanye West. She even brought up her father who famously help defend OJ Simpson.

The audience roared with laughter at each of her expertly delivered jokes, but Kim even had a joke about the audience. She explained that as an influencer, “I’m so used to having 360 million followers watching my every move.” She added, “And, I mean, how many people watch SNL, like 10 million? So tonight is just a chill, intimate evening for me.”

Watch Kim’s entire monologue in the video below.

It’s interesting to note that sources say Kanye helped Kim prepare for her “SNL” performance. Not only that, but he was even in the audience when she roasted him. It’s safe to say that he definitely wasn’t offended. He was proud.

Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, and her mom, Kris Jenner, were also in the audience at the “SNL” taping. They even appeared in a few of Kim’s sketches. After the show, Khloe and Kris both took to Instagram to praise Kim for her performance. In her Instagram stories, Khloe wrote, “Proud is an understatement. I am beaming with pride and admiration towards you, Kim Kardashian. Congratulations, Queen.”

Meanwhile Kris wrote, “I’m so so proud of my amazing daughter Kim!!! She absolutely crushed one of the hardest stand up gigs in the world!!!! She is an absolute ROCKSTAR and I’m so proud of this accomplishment!!!” She added, “Wow. Kim, you nailed it!!!!!”


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Are you surprised the Kim’s family wasn’t offended by her monologue? What was your favorite joke from her monologue?