Over a year ago, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West. In December, she told the judge, “I very much desire to be divorced.”

Since separating from Kanye, who recently changed his name to Ye, Kim has started a new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. She has been consistent about wanting to be divorced.

Meanwhile, Ye has gone through periods of trying to win Kim back. According to TMZ, he kept changing his mind about whether or not he wanted to be divorced from Kim. In the process, he went through multiple divorce lawyers.

Today, Kim video called in to a court hearing that would decide her fate, and the judge granted her wish. She is now officially single, and so is Ye. While Kim was at the hearing remotely, her lawyer, Laura Wasser, was in court. However, Ye was not in court in person or virtually. His lawyer was there on his behalf.

Ye’s lawyer did not object to Kim’s wish to be declared single, but he did have three conditions that he asked the judge to grant on behalf of his client. The judge rejected the request for Kim to waive “marital privilege” if she remarries, meaning a future spouse would not have to testify if she is in court. The judge also rejected the request to prevent Kim from moving any assents from any trusts that were set up. However, the judge did grant one of Ye’s requests. If either Ye or Kim die, any money that is divided between them will be reimbursed.

There was only one small hiccup. The paperwork was filed before Ye changed his name, so it was not filled out correctly. The paperwork had to be modified to reflect the name change.

Kim reportedly made the call to court from a closet in her home. She claimed she wanted to make sure she wasn’t distracted. She is a mom to four kids. We totally understand where she’s coming from.

Do you think Kim wanted to be declared officially single so that she could get remarried? Do you think she will end up marrying Pete Davidson?