While I’ve never been a fan of high-pressure romantic gestures for the average person- kiss cams, public professions of long-held love and affection, big elaborate marriage proposals, etc. I am 100% on-board for some high-pressure romance for celebrities! Particularly those whose lives seem to constantly drip with drama 24/7, 365.

That’s why the recent Free Larry Hoover benefit concert in Los Angeles was such a delight for me and other celeb high drama enthusiasts. We knew it was going to be a wild ride, because everything with Kanye West for the past ten or more years has been just that… the wildest ride. You never know what he’s going to do, say, or even sing next. You only know it’s going to be ever so slightly unhinged. The night of the concert, the stage was already literally and figuratively set for some drama. In case you didn’t know the background, here’s the deal:

This concert was a joint effort between Drake and Kanye. The two have been in a low key/slow burn feud for over a decade, a feud that, at least symbolically, was to be resolved by this collaboration. An interesting choice in “peace offering,” if you ask me, given that their feud absolutely has to do with sharing a spotlight and upstaging each other. Maybe that makes it more appropriate? They’ve learned to share, at long last? I don’t know. Either way, the night was already charged with drama before Kanye sent it over the edge.

There were a few handfuls of other big names in the audience. Most importantly, Kanye’s (soon to be ex) wife Kim Kardashian and their daughter North were in attendance. Since Kim filed for divorce way back at the beginning of the year, Kanye has made it no secret that he wants to stay together. From asserting that they’re going to work things out during interviews, to declaring that, because the paperwork has not gone through, they are still married and she is still his wife, he’s been clinging to their marriage. It should be no surprise, then, that he took the opportunity to give Kim a very 80’s movie-esque romantic gesture, and he changed the lyrics to one of his songs. “Run away from me baby,” became “I need you to run right back to me, more specifically, Kimberly.”

Yep. He went there. It wasn’t enough to slightly alter the lyric, he called her out by name. In other circumstances, this might’ve been an exceedingly sweet thing to do. But the fact that Kim filed for divorce almost a year ago and has recently been seen “hanging out” an awful lot with actor Pete Davidson, leaves me wondering… She seems really happy, so shouldn’t Kanye just let go?

What do you think? Should he let her move on or keep on with the declarations to win her back? Would you ever do something this bold for someone you love? Has anyone done something this bold for you?