Kelly Clarkson Gives Tough Love Dating Advice Amid Her Own Divorce

Dating can be complicated, and social media only makes it more complicated. Instead of having to talk and flirt in person, on the phone or via text, that special someone can also comment and react to your posts.

One fan of The Kelly Clarkson Show, wrote that her crush was only communicating with her via social media instead of texting her, and she wanted that to change. She didn’t know what to do. The fan wrote:

“My crush only uses Instagram to message me and he sends me heart eyes emojis. He hasn’t asked for my number. How do I convince him to take our relationship to the next level and actually text?”

Clarkson is currently going through a divorce from Brandon Blackstock, so she has a unique and probably very beneficial perspective to offer when it comes to dating advice. On her show, Clarkson gave her fan the following advice:

“I don’t understand why you would want to be with someone that only does it in front of people, that’s my thing. You need to know what’s happening behind closed doors, not in front of the doors because that’s who you’re going to be with.”

Watch a clip from Clarkson’s show to hear what dating advice Cleo Wade and Marlon Wayans had for this fan.

It sounds like the consensus is that if he’s not chasing you he’s not worth it. Fans of Clarkson’s show have also pointed out that this crush might be married or a cheater, and it’s best to steer clear. One person wrote, “He could be married!!! I had the same thing happen to me and I finally got it out of him that he was married. He said, that’s why I didn’t give you my number. Forget the dude!”

Do you agree with Clarkson’s dating advice? Have you ever had trouble getting your crush to give you his or her phone number?