As soon as we feel a chill in the weather, we turn on Hallmark Christmas movies and set our radio to the local station that plays Christmas songs 24/7. Don’t judge.

There’s one classic Christmas song that we don’t hear on the radio nearly as often as we used to. You probably know the controversial song we’re talking about: “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

What used to be thought of as a traditional Christmas song about a man and a woman and cold weather doesn’t seem so innocent anymore. In an age of the #metoo movement, the lyrics for “Baby It’s Cold Outside” were heavily scrutinized in 2018. It’s even been accused of implying date rape.

While we don’t know exactly what Frank Loesser, the writer of the song, was thinking or intending to imply when he wrote the famous and currently controversial song, we do have to admit that some of the lyrics raise red flags.

For more on this controversy, watch the video below.

Recently, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson recorded a modified version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” While some of the lyrics are from the original song, several of them have been changed significantly. For example, instead of just repeating “Baby, it’s cold outside” after Clarkson sings “I’ve got to go home,” Legend sings, “I can call you a ride.”

As the song goes on, the car that Legend calls shows up and is waiting to take Clarkson home. Still, she goes on singing, mainly the original lyrics to the song.

Listen to this new version of the classic song below.

Fans are not loving this new song. In the comments on YouTube, one person wrote, “It sounds like he’s trying to kick her out of his house.” Another comment reads, “This song is like a weird al parody sponsored by uber.” 

What do you think of the modified lyrics to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”? Do you think the original song is controversial? Do you think the new lyrics are too different from the original?