Katie Couric has had a long and successful career. She hasn’t worked since 2017, but she has been working on a book that is set to be released at the end of November. In her book, “Going There,” Couric is very blunt about her life. She name drops and calls out multiple very famous people, giving specific negative details that she experienced during her life and career.

Daily Mail has seen a glimpse at Couric’s book, and the details they have revealed are very candid and a little bit startling. Nobody is safe from Couric’s harsh and honest words, not even herself.

Before we reveal some of the details from her book, it’s important to note that Couric also calls out herself for wanting to be popular and liked. For example, Couric recalls when she started working on TODAY, she told her first husband, Jay Monahan, “I used to want to be the most popular girl in school. Now I’m the most popular girl in the country.” He responded by throwing a pillow at her. Years later, a therapist asked her if it ever crossed her mind that everyone might not like her, and she responded, “Honestly I sort of hadn’t.”

It seems that Couric doesn’t care if everyone likes her anymore or not, because her new book definitely portrays some very famous people in a light that they will probably not find flattering. In fact, one person suggested a better title for the book would be, “Burning Bridges by Catty Couric.” 

Here’s a short list of some of the celebrities she called out.

  • She met Prince Harry at a polo match when he was younger and claimed every pour in his body was oozing the smell of cigarettes and alcohol.
  • She called her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Perlin, “a mid-life crisis.” He was 17 years younger than her.
  • She joked that prison helped Martha Stewart develop a much-needed sense of humor.
  • She replaced Deborah Norville on TODAY and said that Norville was too perfect and that her perfection was a turn-off to viewers.
  • She described Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion as “Eyes Wide Shut with a twist – creepy chandeliers and body-part art.”
  • She never spoke to Joan Rivers again after she asked Rivers on air if she’d had plastic surgery.
  • She refused to be friends with or help Ashleigh Banfield in her career because Couric felt threatened by her.

Watch the video below for more about this new book and to hear Banfield’s reaction to what Couric had to say about her.

Despite her harsh words about so many people, there was one former colleague that Couric was nice to. When Matt Lauer was fired from TODAY for sexual misconduct, Couric said she sent him texts to see how he was doing. She thought it was “heartless” to abandon him.

Does it surprise you that Couric wrote a tell-all book that basically burns bridges? Do you think she will ever work in journalism again?