Flight Attendant Does a Happy Dance After “Karen” Is Kicked Off Plane for Not Complying With Mask Mandate

Wearing a mask in public places isn’t fun—we can all agree to that. But most of us understand that face coverings can help protect ourselves and others from spreading and contracting COVID-19 and other viruses, so we do what needs to be done.

However, not everyone is as compliant. There are lots of “Karens”—aka modern-day slang for an entitled or demanding person; someone who plays up her own privilege, usually at the expense of others—who have refused to wear masks when out and about, despite their local mandates.

These maskless Karen escapades seem to happen anywhere (grocery stores, retail stores, etc.), but we’ve seen it the most on planes—the form of transportation where you’re traveling with a bunch of strangers in tight quarters. Of course masks are required on planes these days.

However, that didn’t stop this woman from refusing a mask on a plane due to a medical condition she claimed to have, or this woman who was escorted off her plane after coughing on innocent passengers after being asked to put a mask on.

The most recent maskless Karen? A woman arguing with a crew member about the mask mandate—but this one’s a little different than the rest. She’s actually already wearing a mask, but she’s not too happy about it.

In the video, which was uploaded on TikTok, she can be heard saying, “I did comply…you’re saying I didn’t comply and put my mask on when you ask asked me to?”

She continues to be argumentative with the flight attendant and accuses him of being a liar. That’s when the passengers aboard the flight start getting involved and tell her to get off the plane.

When the woman finally gets escorted off the plane, she leaves with a bang: Giving her middle finger at everyone. Lovely.

The attendees didn’t seem to mind—inf act, they were so thrilled she was off the plane that they clapped and cheered when she finally got off. The flight attendance even broke out in dance. No one has time to travel with a “maskhole”!

Check out how it all went down—including the flight attendant’s jig at the end (the best part!).

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Have you had to deal with any “maskholes” since the pandemic began? Have you traveled at all since the start? We’d love to hear of your experience!