Taking a flight from point A to point B is often an ordeal even under normal circumstances. Trudging through airports with lots of luggage, going through body scanners and keeping your fingers crossed that you don’t sit next to a crying baby (or that your baby isn’t the one crying during the entire flight) can be stressful. That doesn’t even include some people’s fears of lost luggage and, you know, the plane actually landing.

Now, during the age of the novel coronavirus, flying is even more stressful. Many airlines have taken extra precautions to keep employees and passengers safe during travel, but not all passengers are respectful of those precautions.

For example, some airlines now require passengers and employees to wear face masks while onboard the airplane. Most passengers seem to comply, but some have adamantly refused to obey these new rules.

A woman onboard a flight from Belfast to Edinburgh refused to wear a face mask. The passenger was escorted off the plane, and her dramatic exit from the plane was caught on camera. After collecting her luggage, she said, “Everybody dies, you know that…If it’s from corona or not, everybody dies.” Then, she proceeded to cough on the innocent passengers.

Even during normal times, we wouldn’t want someone coughing on us. Besides COVID-19, there are countless germs she could be spreading, not to mention that it’s just gross and immature behavior.

Watch the video below to see the incident for yourself.

The woman has been arrested and is being investigated.