Chipotle is Partnering With DoorDash to Give Away 100,000 Free Burritos to Health Care Workers

It’s no secret that healthcare workers are some of the top heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s spreading across the nation. Day in and day out, they’re working nonstop in overcrowded hospitals, putting themselves at risk, to save the lives of others. We couldn’t fight this battle without them.

Even though there are many businesses that are struggling right now, there are also so many who want to help out a healthcare worker in this trying time. For example, Starbucks began to offer free coffee to workers and Crocs is giving away free pairs of their shoes. And now Chipotle wants to get in on it, too.

The Tex Mex food joint has just announced that they will be offering healthcare providers the chance to get 25 free burritos delivered to their facilities during World Health Worker Week. Now through April 2, workers can register their teams to get their fill of burrito goodness.

Chipoitle will work with DoorDash to make the giveaway a reality. And they don’t plan to stop at just one winner—they want to deliver a total of up to 100,000 burritos—yes, you read that right, 100,000 burritos—to healthcare facilities between the dates of April 6 and April 10.

“We want to express our extreme gratitude by fueling the frontline workers at healthcare facilities across the country with real food,” Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt said in a statement. “It is our goal to bring joy and provide a little something extra for both the medical staff and our everyday guests.”

We have to say, for such a difficult time in everyone’s lives, there’s been so much positivity as a result of it. What a great thing Chipotle is doing!

What are some creative ways you can think of that we can give back to a healthcare provider for their hard work during this scary time?