If you missed the big news (AKA if you live under a rock), Jennifer Lopez is officially engaged to her now fiancé, Alex Rodriguez!

This marks the fifth publicly known engagement for the 49-year-old singer and actress, and her fourth marriage. At 43, A-Rod himself has been married once before. The duo has been together for two years, and both have two children from their previous marriages.

JLo and A-Rod both announced the engagement on March 9 via Instagram after a weekend filled on a beach vacation together. And just wait until you see the ring if you haven’t already. It’s massive. And gorgeous. And pretty much perfect all around.

But perhaps that’s no surprise—after all, this bodacious celeb has received her fair share of over-the-top engagement rings in her life.

While we wish her well in her upcoming nuptials to her new to-be hubby, we can’t help but want to look back at some of the sparklers of JLo’s past.

So join us, won’t you? Behold, the four engagement rings JLo left behind—and the most recent one that (hopefully) she’ll get to keep forever!

  1. Ojani Noa

    Lopez got engaged to Ojani Noa in 1996, who slipped this stunning marquise diamond ring on her finger. When they got married, she added a gold band to enhance the ambiance. However, they were only together a year until they called it quits.

  2. Cris Judd

    Next up on the JLo engagement list is choreographer and backup dancer Cris Judd, who proposed to JLo with this lovely emerald-cut diamond ring. The two said “I do” in 2001…but then said goodbye even quicker than her first marriage. The ring is actually kind of similar to new her diamond, so let’s hope it isn’t bad luck!

  3. Ben Affleck

    Here’s one you’ll likely remember: Ben’s 6.1-carat cushion-cut pink diamond was for sure a memorable one, coming in at an estimated $2.5 million (and that was back in 2002!). They were engaged about two years before they decided to call it off before walking down the aisle. And so she said goodbye to another stunning piece of jewelry.

  4. Marc Anthony

    Not even a year after the Ben breakup, Marc proposed to Jennifer with the biggest one yet: an 8.5-carat, princess-cut diamond ring. They got married in 2004, had twins in 2008, and divorced in 2011.

  5. Alex Rodriguez

    And now, for the most recent! Drumroll please. Experts say this gorgeous emerald-cut sparkler is between 11 and 15 carats, but possibly even more. It could be worth anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. No details about the wedding have been released yet, but with a ring like this, we can only imagine what the wedding will be like!

To learn more about Jennifer Lopez’ past relationships and dating history, check out this video below.

What do you think of all of these engagement rings? Which one is your favorite? Do you think A-Rod will be the last to give JLo a ring, or will there be more?