Jennifer Anniston fan? Hopefully learning about her strange vocal tick that she does every time before she speaks didn’t ruin any movies or TV shows for you, or your love for her.

With that aside, if you’re a true fan, you’ve probably noticed that the famous actress has a very specific tattoo located on the inside of her wrist. It states “11 11,” which could mean all sorts of things.

Over the years, people have certainly made their educated guesses since spotting it. Theories range from the fact that Anniston was born on February 11? Or it could be that her dog passed away in 2011 (note that she also has the dog’s name, Norman, tattooed on the inside of her foot)? Perhaps 11 is just a lucky number for the actress?

Up until recently, those all remained great theories. But what we didn’t know is that it turns out Anniston actually got the tattoo with her best friend actor Andrea Bendewald—who has the same exact tattoo!

Anniston and Bendewald have been BFFs since Anniston was just a mere 14-year-old teenager. Go figure—the two met in Manhattan’s High School for the Performing Arts and have since are both reputable actresses. They were even in each other’s weddings. So of course, they always post cute birthday tributes for each other on social media each year.

For Bendewald’s birthday last week, Anniston made a post which revealed more insight into why they got the tattoos.

But before we get into that, can we give a huge “aww” to how adorable these two are? “Happy birthday to my forever sister from another mister @andreabendewald…37 years and counting. And the best is yet to come,” Anniston wrote on her Instagram stories. Along the series of photos was one that showed both of them showing off their identical “11 11” tattoos.

Just last month, for Anniston’s birthday, Bendewald also shared some social media love, calling Anniston the “best-est, most beautiful, talented, big hearted, kind and FUNNY woman on the planet.”

Bendewald also had shared a few of the same photos that Aniston did this week, including the one of their wrist tattoos offering some context in the caption: “Can’t wait to celebrate and make more magical wishes! 11:11 Love walking through this lifetime with you.”


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Ah, more clues! We’re thinking “11 11” serves as a symbol for the two always looking at the clock and making a wish when it turns 11:11.

What do you think her tattoo means?