17 Italian Baby Names with Beautiful Meanings

Ever sat and wondered what the most beautiful language in the world is? Well, according to Culture Trip, it’s none other than Italian! Though the question certainly elicits reasonably biased answers, we have to agree with this one– everything just seems to sound that much more romantic and passionate in Italian.  E vero!

So, what better way to honor this gorgeous language than to give the newest member of your family an Italian name? Here are 17 of our favorites. Not only do the names sound lovely to the ear, they also come equipped with some seriously beautiful meanings…

  1. Chiara (kee-AHR-a)

    This gorgeous Italian baby name comes with the ethereal meanings of “light” and “clear.”

  2. Matteo (matt-AY-oh)

    The Italian variant on the English Matthew, Matteo translates to “gift of God.”

  3. Giada (JAH-duh)

    The unique name Giada actually means “jade” in Italian. A perfect moniker for a March baby!

  4. Antonio (an-TONE-EE-oh)

    This Italian and Spanish variation on the English Anthony holds the sweet meaning of “priceless one.”

  5. Alessandra (ahl-EH-sahn-drah)

    Searching for a strong moniker for your little girl? Look no further than Alessandra, a powerful name which translates to “defending men.”

  6. Leonardo (LAY-oh-NARD-oh)

    If you’re a Leondardo DiCaprio fan–or a Leonardo da Vinci fan, for that matter–consider this masculine name, meaning “brave lion.” An all-around strong moniker if we’ve ever heard one!

  7. Viola (vee-OH-lah)

    Viola is the Italian word for “violet.” A perfect choice for your flowery little gal!

  8. Amato (AH-mot-oh)

    This short, three-syllable name comes with the sweet, sentimental meaning of “beloved, darling one.”

  9. Aria (ar-EE-ah)

    If you know anything about classical music, then you’re well aware of this word’s connection to the opera world. A melodious name that would be fitting for any little diva!

  10. Orsino (or-SEE-no)

    An Italian moniker that means “little bear.” It doesn’t get much cuter than that, folks!

  11. Gemma (JEM-ah)

    Although it’s particularly popular in the UK, the name Gemma, which means precious stone, actually originated in Italy.

  12. Bello (BELL-oh)

    Everyone knows that the name Bella means beautiful, but did you know that Bello means handsome?

  13. Lilla (LEE-lah)

    This delicate, two syllable name means “lilac” in Italian.

  14. Massimo (moss-EE-moh)

    A variation of Maximus, the sturdy Massimo means “the greatest.” Not a bad option for parents who plan to raise a confident young lad.

  15. Terra (TAIR-ah)

    This name may sound like the common English, Tara, but the Italian form has both a different spelling and a different meaning. This word name translates to “earth,” a wonderful option for your “down-to-earth” gal.

  16. Flavio (flah-VEE-oh)

    Although this name may sound like it belongs near a kitchen, it really translates to “fair” and “golden.”

  17. Luna (LOO-nah)

    Luna isn’t currently one of the most popular baby names in North America and Europe for no reason. This beautiful moniker, which means “moon,” is as delicate as it is dreamy.

We’d love to hear your take on these Italian baby names! Which one is your favorite? Did you give your child one of these names? Do you have a favorite of your own that you would like to share?

Source: Nameberry