Not everything in life is important to know, but that doesn’t mean these random facts aren’t interesting. In fact, they can be fascinating.

One Reddit user asked, “What’s a useless, but interesting animal fact?” and the Reddit community delivered with answers that have us appreciating animals more than ever.

If you like animals and like to know random interesting facts about them, you’re in luck! You’re about to discover some truly useless bits of knowledge that are so interesting you’ll probably want to share them with the next person you talk to.

  1. Crickets

    Reddit user Zolo49 wrote:

    Crickets have multiple chirp songs, including one for after they’ve successfully had sex.

  2. Emu

    Written by MeleMallory:

    If an emu looks like it wants to run at you, put your hand up over your head as high as it will go. The emu will think you’re a bigger bird than it is and won’t run (learned this while volunteering at a wildlife refuge in Australia.)

  3. Rabbits

    Another Reddit user shared:

    Rabbits can bark. Scared the hell out of me when it happened

  4. Owls

    Added by humanoftheforest:

    Owls don’t have eyeballs. They’re tube-shaped and can’t move in their socket.

  5. Walruses

    Ask_Me_If_Im_A_Horse wrote:

    When polar bears hunt walruses, they don’t normally kill any of them. The walruses trample each other and do the job for the polar bear.

  6. Roosters

    TequilaBeans explained:

    Roosters will never go deaf when they crow because they have ears that close whenever they crow.So they literally cannot hear themselves.

  7. Wasps

    Shared by Hi_there123456:

    Wasps can live underwater for at least 5 minutes

  8. Elephants

    the-gingerninja wrote:

    Elephants can’t jump because they don’t have the knees required to do so. It has nothing to do with their weight.

  9. Mantis Shrimp

    SpaceDuck42069 wrote:

    Mantis Shrimp eyes are so fish eyed everything looks smaller than them. Making them attack anything. Even Sharks.

  10. Cows

    meirowen shared:

    Cows can only enter REM sleep when they’re laying down.

  11. Giraffes

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Giraffes have the highest blood pressure of any animal on the planet.

  12. Snails

    commonvanilla shared:

    Some species of snails can hibernate for up to 3 years.

  13. Koalas

    Written by llamamama03:

    The fingerprints of a koala are so indistinguishable from humans that they have on occasion been confused at a crime scene.