Britney Spears‘ signature look includes long blond hair well past her shoulders. The singer has changed up her look from time to time, such as going pink once and a shorter than usual hairdo in 2020, but she almost always end ups going back to her long hair.

Over the summer, Spears married Sam Asghari, and after the wedding, she had a few inches trimmed off her tresses, but now, she’s going for a more dramatic chop.

In a video selfie, Spears teased that she got her hair chopped. In the caption of the video, which she posted on Instagram, Spears wrote, “I cut all my hair off … I don’t want to show it yet.”

In the video, Spears wears a big pink hat with most of her hair tucked inside. A few shorts strands peek out around her face, and there’s what looks like a short ponytail hiding under the brim of the hat; however, the exact haircut is unclear.

Besides the hat, Spears wears oversized sunglasses and pink bikini bottoms. She is topless at the beach, holding her breasts and turning her back to the camera as she rolls in the sand.

The point of Spears’ video was apparently to tease about her new haircut before she officially reveals it to the world, but many of her fans and followers noticed something else that concerned them – her sunburnt skin.

One person wrote, “someone give her some sunscreen now.

Another comment reads, “Please Brit, put on some sunscreen.”

Does Spears’ sunburn concern you? When do you think she’ll show off her new haircut? Why do you think she choose to tease that she got her hair cut without actually showing off the style?