When people talk about their housework woes, it often circles around how much weight their mate is pulling on the chore front. It may not be glamorous or enjoyable all the time, but somebody’s got to do the laundry, feed the baby, and scrub the toilets.

Add to that how there’s a stereotype (and in some cases a reality) that men don’t help out with taking care of the home. That generalization is not true at all, and this husband/dad is here to defy those assumptions and prove that domestic life can be sexy and romantic.

Brandon Sillings wanted to “sext” his wife some steamy photos of himself doing stuff around the house. Wearing jeans, a Ford t-shirt, and a quintessential selfie raised eyebrow, he snapped pics of a clean sink, a basket of clean laundry, and the floor being vacuumed. He also got dinner started with the Instant Pot. What wife wouldn’t love those things?

Posted by Brandon Sillings on Thursday, November 15, 2018

The cherry on top? Feeding the baby while staring deeply, intently into the camera. After sharing the boudoir-style photo series on Facebook, Sillings racked up a lot of laughs. And his wife? We are sure she appreciated his contribution to the household and the hot pics.

Photo of dad/hubby doing housework.Brandon Sillings

Sillings isn’t the only hubby who likes to impress his beloved. Last year, Reddit user “dirty-ol-sob” shared a photo collage of himself putting in work. They were captioned, “My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on.”

The hilarious shots were a hit on the site and was quickly upvoted nearly 100,000 times, garnering more than 2,000 comments. There was even one with the washing machine knob set to “LARGE LOAD.”

While we love seeing these fellows get things done correctly – and enthusiastically – around the house, psychologists say that the division of household duties is not equal for most couples. Psychology Today stated that their last study revealed less than one third of the couples in their sample shared household duties.

But they also found that sharing housework is indeed a “turn-on”, with men having a preference to share shopping duties and women loving when their men do the dishes. They also cited a 2013 study published in Journal of Family Psychology that monitored the growth and longevity of couples over a 10-year or longer period.

Those who shared all household duties fairly found more happiness in their relationship and the bedroom. It works! Things get busy when you have kids and careers, but it sure makes a difference when everyone pitches in. And quite possibly, it may also make a difference when couples spice things up with pictures like these. Your take?

Would a set of text messages like this husband’s make you blush? What do you think of this dad’s antics? How do you share chores as a couple?