Breathtaking views are one of the treasures found at Florida’s beaches, and the sunsets are no exception. While it may be hard to picture such a scene while the Panhandle recovers from Hurricane Michael’s fury, it exists.

After the storm passed over certain parts, it left at least one dazzling sight in its wake: a purple sky. At first glance it might give some people a foreboding feeling, but in the midst of the scary event, many found it to be beautiful.

What’s the cause of the ethereal hue? The effect is caused by light scattering, which is purely science and the reason why the sky is blue, orange, or purple. When light photons scatter in the air, they hit air molecules that make the sky appear a certain color. Because they have shorter wavelengths, blue and violet hues scatter strongly.

Purple in particular has a shorter wavelength than blue and a higher frequency. What we see in these images is reflected in the amount of light that’s scattered. Awesome, isn’t it?

Snaps have been posted all over social media of the purple sky, which has been seen from Florida to Alabama. As a backdrop to tall trees, it almost looks haunting. Take a look at some of the footage shot by clicking on this video from Today.


Have you ever seen a purple sky after a storm? Do you find it to be ominous or beautiful? What other strange things have you seen after a storm?