How to Make Adorable LEGO Gummy Candies

Many kids are LEGO obsessed; I know mine are. Let’s be honest, I’m a fan of LEGOs too. While I’m not a fan of stepping on the little plastic bricks, it can be a nice change of pace to build pretty much anything my imagination (or my kids’ imagination) can think up. There are even LEGO sets specifically for adults!

If your family is into LEGOs, you probably know that there are lots of other LEGO-related products besides the plastic bricks. There are movies, TV shows, costumes and toys like stuffed animals based on characters from the movies and TV shows. 

While all of that is well and good, a true LEGO fan might want to do more than watch, wear and play with LEGOs. A true LEGO fan might want to eat them as well.

Hold on. No, we are not advocating eating actual LEGOs. There’s a reason they make DUPLO blocks for the little kids who tend to put everything in their mouths. No parent wants to race to the hospital because their son or daughter swallowed a LEGO.

What we are advocating is eating food that looks like LEGOs. You could bake a cake that looks like LEGOs, or you could make your own LEGO-shaped gummy candy. While you may not be able to find gummy LEGO candy at your local store, you can easily make your own with a few common ingredients: water, corn syrup, Jell-O, and unflavored gelatine.

The only thing you may not have on hand is a LEGO mold to create the popular shapes. Thankfully, Amazon can hook you up. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up a squeezable condiment bottle. You can wash out and reuse a bottle from ketchup, mustard or similar, or you can probably find a new, empty bottle at your local dollar store.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is create your own gummy candy.

We love how easy to follow these steps are, and we love how easy it is fix any “problems” that may arise during the cooking process. We also love that we can easily customize the flavor and even make the candy sour and healthy(er) at the same time!

Did you catch at the end of the video that you can make the candy in pretty much any shape you want? Not a LEGO fan? Grab any ice-cube tray or candy mold and get creative!

Are you going to try this gummy candy recipe? What flavor Jell-O will you use? Are you going to make the candy in the shape of LEGO bricks or a different shape?