I have never met anybody who didn’t absolutely love playing with Legos, have you? We all grew up playing with them, and some of us still do. (My husband is obsessed!) So this Lego cake creation from Rosanna Pansino is really something everybody will love! Watch how she takes some basic cake and turns it into the building blocks of fun!

This video tutorial is definitely more focused on the decorating part than the baking part, and she uses a boxed cake mix in it. We know you guys can do better than that, though, so if you want to go the homemade route, use your favorite yellow or pound cake recipe – you’re going to need a sturdy cake – and your best homemade vanilla icing. (If you want to skip the portion of the video where she bakes the boxed cake, fast-forward to around the 3-minute mark for the start of the decoration instructions!) Then get decorating, and tell us what you think! Would your kids like this treat? Don’t you think it’d be perfect for a Lego-themed birthday party?