A big trend for Mother’s Day this year is presenting mom with a cool and unusual cake. If your mom would enjoy something pretty and rustic, do we have the oddball cake for you. This is a mason jar cake, and it’s just about the coolest cake your mom can enjoy this year. This edible mason jar is completely believable and can even hold some beautiful fresh flowers to really take your cake to the next level. Your mom will be speechless when she sees the time and effort you put in to craft her something beautiful – and she’ll really be speechless when she tastes how delicious this cake is! Learn how to make this amazing cake in the simple tutorial below.

This is officially the best way to present your mom with flowers. With an edible vase around them. She can enjoy some beautiful blooms and some deliciously decadent cake all at once! It is going to be a very good Mother’s Day.

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• 2 4″ round cakes (any flavor you’d like)
• 14 oz. buttercream frosting
• 14 oz. modelling chocolate
• Cornflour/Cornstarch

• Small spatula
• Turntable (optional)
• 3” Round cake plate
• Steak knife
• Metal/ Plastic scraper
• Small rolling pin
• Large rolling pin
• Exacto knife
• Pizza cutter
• Measuring tape
• Clay Extruder
• 3″ cookie cutters
• Cake leveller (optional)
• Scissors
• Pen or pencil
• Acetate smoother
• Wilton flower spike


1. Take a cookie cutter a bit larger than a regular mason jar, trace this on a piece of cardboard and cut it out to make your own cake plate.
2. Cut your two cakes in half and stack on top of your cake plate: a cake layer, a frosting layer, a cake layer, a frosting layer.
3. Pop this in the fridge to set for 15 minutes.
4. Make an impression with your cookie cutter on top of the stack. Using a knife, trim the outside of the top and bottom so that is matches the smaller cookie cutter impression. Shave down the sides all around the cake stack, making it into more of a rounded square-shape, like a mason jar.
5. Apply a crumb coat of frosting around all sides before popping back in the fridge for a few minutes to set.
6. Apply a thicker coat of frosting.
7. Take the measurments of your actual mason jar so you can cut the modelling chocolate to size.
8. On a surface with cornstarch on it (so the chocolate doesn’t stick), roll out your modelling chocolate and cut it to size using a measuring tape.
9. Wrap the cut chocolate around your cake, pressing down on one side and then wrapping around, overlapping on the other side. She does a cool trick to get the two edges to match up perfectly: take a knife and cut through both layers, right next to where they overlap. Then lift up the overlap and take the second layer underneath out. Take a little excess chocolate to blend the line, making it look seamless.
10. Use your acetate smoother to buff and blend all the chocolate together.
11. Use your cookie cutter to impress the top of the cake, cutting away the excess modelling chocolate. Roll out the excess you just cut so it becomes a long piece, long enough to wrap around the length of your cookie cutter. Place this long piece (now shaped into a circle) on top of your cake.
12. Roll your chocolates into letters that you can gently stick to the front of your mason jar cake.
13. Take the leaves off your flowers and cut down the stems. Use wire to hold the smaller leaves toward the head of the flower back and then use floral tape to hold the wire in place and cover the whole stem.
14. Place the flower vial into the center of the cake and stick in all your beautiful flowers before enjoying with mom.