When you rent a home or an apartment, you have a landlord. This can be great if you don’t want to have to deal with any sort of home repairs yourself. If the sink backs up, the air conditioning won’t turn on, or a board breaks on your deck, you call the landlord to get it fixed.

Having a landlord is great only when the landlord actually cares about fixing the problems correctly and in a timely manner. Not everyone is so lucky. In some cases, people end up with really bad landlords who seem completely delusional. They really never should have been landlords in the first place.

Renters are sharing their landlord woes on Reddit as a way of venting and in hopes that it will raise awareness of just how delusional some landlords can be. Scroll down to discover 15 examples of delusional landlords shared by frustrated renters.

  1. It IS a Kitchen, Right?

  2. A Shipping Container

  3. I’d Do My Laundry Somewhere Else

  4. Rats

  5. No Heat

  6. Eviction

  7. Doing Laundry

  8. Bedbugs

  9. Hot Water

  10. Security Camera

  11. Pressure Washed the Deck

  12. Get a Job

  13. That’s a Water Bottle

  14. Not to Code

  15. Not Cool