There are a lot of seemingly basic things we learn as we grow up in life. You know—how to tell time, how to make a bed, etc. But sometimes, one of these skills can be completely lost on us.

One Twitter user was amused to learn two people she knew couldn’t do some basic things, and it got her thinking about who else was lacking in life skills.

“Yesterday we learned that our landlord (a Stanford-educated engineer) doesn’t know how to open a combination lock. And Joel admitted he can’t blow up balloons,” she posted. “So now I’m obsessed with knowing what everyone’s weird life skill blind spots are.”

The results are completely amusing. Here are 13 of our favorites, but you can check out the entire thread here if you need a laugh.

  1. Telling Time

    Digital clocks only, please.

  2. Reading a Map

    Or just knowing where to go at all.

  3. Tying a Tie

    Just give me the clip-on and call it a day.

  4. Folding a Fitted Sheet

    Rolling it into a ball works, right?

  5. Deductibles

    You may as well be speaking a different language.

  6. Tying Shoelaces

    Whatever works, right?

  7. Ironing

    There’s got to be an easier way.

  8. Airports

    This is a very confusing concept.

  9. Parallel Parking

    That’s a much easier solution.

  10. Whistling

    But really, who can?

  11. Hooking a Bra

    You can also just put it on already fastened. Game changer!

  12. Snapping

    Just nope on that one.

  13. Dunking Your Head Under Water

    Let’s not and say we did.

What basic life skill have you never been able to get quite right? Don’t be embarrassed!