Many Texas residents are still without power, and that means that their homes are dark and freezing cold. Texas residents are not used to cold winter weather, and nobody should have to freeze inside their homes.

Houston resident and business owner Jim McIngvale, also known as “Mattress Mack,” is known for doing kind deeds. During Hurricane Harvey, he opened his furniture store to people who were displaced from their homes, and now, he’s doing it again.

In an interview for Good Morning America, McIngvale explained that he had to wait until the roads were safe enough for people to travel to his store before opening his doors. Now, approximately 300 people are taking refuge inside his massive store where they can stay warm and get a hot meal while they wait for the power to be restored at their homes.

Obviously COVID-19 makes taking in a lot of people a little more complicated than usual, but McIngvale explains that his store is so big that he can easily house 400 or 500 people while maintaining social distancing. He also shared that families are doing a good job of keeping at least 6 feet from other families as they spread out on couches and mattresses to rest and wait.

Besides providing heat and a place for people to sleep, McIngvale is also buying food from local restaurants to feed everyone as well as making sure there is plenty of water. He’s keeping things fun for the kids too by providing activities like face painting.

McIngvale shared a positive outcome from this current crisis in Texas. He explained, “When adversity hits we all tend to come together. We forget about our differences. We focus on our similarities and our commonality.”

Watch the interview below to learn more about how “Mattress Mack” is helping his local community.

Have you ever had the power go out at your home for an extended period of time? Does it surprise you that a furniture store would turn into a shelter to help local residents?