As the polar vortex continues to break cold records, eyes are on the Midwest region of our country to see the incredible effects the weather is having on the environment. Lake Michigan is steaming cold.

On the second morning of the deep freeze, the temperature at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was recorded at -21. The wind chill factor places the cold levels anywhere between -35 and -55! Schools are closed, railroad tracks are on fire to stay warm, and businesses are shut down.

This dramatic video of foggy steam rising off Lake Michigan shows how bitterly cold it is outside. According to the National Weather Service, this is caused by cold air moving over the surface of the water. The temperature of the water is still in the mid thirties, but when they mix, it creates fog.

The bitterly cold air mixes with a shallow layer of saturated milder air just above the lake surface, cooling it beyond its dew point so that it can hold less water vapor, with the excess water vapor rapidly condensing as the steam fog you can see rising from the lake.”

Sometime within the next few days, the polar vortex is supposed to let up and move further northeast. We can look forward to having normal winter temperatures after it moves. For now, check out videos like this on the web that are examples of how this weather affecting life.

What do you think of this video? Are you living with this terrible cold in an area affected by the vortex.