Ever stay at a hotel by yourself? Not only can it be a bit lonely, but it can also be a bit…well, scary. And dirty. You don’t know who’s staying just door over from you or who has been in the same room as yours before. There are a lot of precautions you may want to take, at least, that’s according to Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant with a popular TikTok account.

She recently posted a video that’s gained a lot of attention (over a million likes, for that matter), and for good reason. She goes over several hotel hacks—aka things to be wary of if you’re heading off to a hotel room any time soon. These are some of the tips you don’t really hear much of…and just to warn you, while they’re great things to be aware of, they may also freak you out a bit.

First things first, she says to never say your room number out loud when you’re at the hotel, like in a lobby or conference space. You don’t want anyone to know which room you’re staying at. On that same note, be sure to make sure no one is following you when heading to your room. Clearly, she’s seen a few cases like these before! Yikes.

Kamalani also mentions locking the doors at all times when you’re staying at a hotel, including the top lock, which some people forget about. You never know what kind of people might be trying to open the hotel room doors at random hours of the night—or for that matter, people under the influence who may have forgotten where their own room is!

As far as health concerns, Kamalani says to always check the corners of your beds for bed bugs, and to definitely remove any decorative blankets or pillows on your bed because “they never wash those.”

You might think that’s fabricated, but someone who used to work at hotels confirms it in the comments: “I was a housekeeper and can confirm that decorative pillows and blankets only get washed during ‘deep cleans’ which is about every 4-6 months,” they wrote. “If there’s no visible dirt, it’s not mandatory to clean them.”

We’re hoping at least some of these things she’s mentioned are at least tamed down due to COVID-19, but knowing what we know now, it’s certainly better to take precautions.

To hear even more of her health and safety tips when heading off to a hotel, check out Kamalani’s video below.

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Do you take any safety or health measures when you visit a hotel? Did you know about any of the tips Kamalani mentioned in her video? Which little tidbit freaks you out the most?