Boarding an airplane to travel for work or a much-needed getaway used to be something we did without too much though. Sure, there would be prep choosing the best flights, packing and making sure we were at the airport with plenty of time to board, but it was still easier than during a pandemic.

Several passengers have refused to wear masks, which are now required on many airlines, and it hasn’t ended well. There’s even the possibility that one airplane passenger got COVID-19 from using the airplane’s bathroom. Yikes!

If you’re hesitant to fly, just imagine being a flight attendant. They are much overlooked essential workers. While we have applauded doctors, nurses and even delivery truck drivers for working since the beginning of the pandemic, flight attendants haven’t been mentioned too much.

Lindsey O’Brien is a 35-year-old flight attendant. She shared with South West News Service that she and her coworkers usually wear masks when they are at work, but occasionally, when they have downtime between flights, they take them off and have a little fun.

O’Brien was on an airplane in Philadelphia with one of her coworkers, and there was a break between flights. They had some extra time, and O’Brien had an idea. She looked up at the open overhead storage bins and wanted to do something a little crazy, at least crazy for most people.

O’Brien wanted to try to close the overhead bins with her feet. 

You might be scratching your head at first wondering how it would be possible to close an overhead bin with your feet. Maybe you would kick it closed? No. O’Brien had a more athletic way.

O’Brien told with South West News Service, “I used to do yoga and I was a cheerleader growing up so my core is pretty strong…”

She put that athletic ability and strong core to the test by using the armrests to flip upside down and close four overhead bins with her shoes. Thankfully, she had her coworker film this stunt, or it would be hard to believe it ever happened.

Watch O’Brien’s creative way of closing the overhead bins in the video below.

O’Brien says that closing the bins wasn’t as easy as she made it look. Apparently, this video was not her first attempt. She said, “Every time I did it one bin wouldn’t close, we wanted me to close four at once.” The attempt in the video was actually her 20th try at closing all four bins at once.