I don’t know about you, but the temptation of frosting is too much for me to resist. I only know a handful of people who have a weird and hardcore dislike for this extra yummy layer on sweets.

Frosting rocks! Since it’s holiday season, you probably whip up a lot of baked goods that need some icing. But do you whip up your own homemade frosting too? Whether you do or don’t, the recipes below will inspire you to break out the powdered sugar and hand mixer.

You will want to bake anything just to try. Before you run to the market to grab a cart full of your favorite icing-in-a-tub brand, try turning yourself into a frosting chief with these. You won’t regret it!

  1. Buttercream

    Buttercream Frosting Close-upTipHero

    Everyone has their own version of buttercream that they tweak until it’s just right. Some are basic. Some make you want to curl up on the sofa with a bowl of it and hug it. Many are worthy of the ultimate sin: eating it with a spoon!

    This recipe ain’t basic, but it could turn you in a frosting ogre with zero interest in sharing. To help you avoid that, we suggest you slather some of this good stuff onto a batch of cupcakes that can be passed around with goodwill.

  2. Cream Cheese

    Spreading Cream Cheese Frosting Close-upTipHero

    For bakers, knowing how to make a decent cream cheese frosting is the equivalent of passing your driver’s license test. Serious, but fun. Let us help you achieve that feeling with this recipe.

    Your red velvet cakes and cookies just won’t be the same without it, and your carrot cupcakes wouldn’t mind a coating of its smooth texture either. For some extra jazz and pizzazz, you can always throw in some coconut flakes or chopped nuts.

  3. Mocha Chocolate

    Chocolate is pretty much perfect. This icing is so dark and rich that you may just get a chocolate hangover the next day – and it’ll totally be worth it! It’s one of those recipes that you can smell and taste before you’re even finished making it.

  4. White Chocolate Buttercream


    Decadent and also perfect is this white chocolate buttercream that you’ll want to put on everything. EVERYTHING. Best of all, this only takes two ingredients to make it right. What more could you want?

  5. Peanut Butter

    Peanut butter goes well with jelly, but it’s even better on a chocolate cake! This creamy frosting will have you singing a homemade jingle as you mix it up. Click to peep the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

  6. Salted Caramel

    If it’s high-fives, cheers, and envious glares you’re after, look no further than this salted caramel frosting formula. Caramel, y’all! A favorite in candy bars and ice creams everywhere, caramel generously dishes out big kicks of flavor in this one. Think of all the holiday goodies you can blanket with this icing. Visit the blog Baked By an Introvert for the full recipe!

  7. Coconut Pecan

    No baker’s cache would be complete without a recipe for coconut icing. Yeah, a fluffy white coconut version is great, but this coconut pecan is in a league of its own. Oh, and don’t think you’ve got to stick to German chocolate cakes. Put it on brownies, carrot cakes, or whatever you’d like! Find the recipe deets at Chef in Training.

Delight tummies everywhere with your frosting repertoire and skate through all the holiday baking competitions with your dazzling desserts. We’ve got your back!

What are some of your favorite frosting recipes? Which of these would you try and what dessert would you dress up with it?